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You can still party...

Day 53 of lockdown.

Kirsti had a milestone birthday last month, a significant milestone too. We’d planned a dream holiday with friends, I’d secretly arranged for all of her closest family, (including grand daughters Aurora , 5 and Alice, now 18 weeks) to come to West Yorkshire to spend the weekend of May 23rd celebrating with us. Not an easy task considering all of our diaries, but manage it I did.

Instead, I put up some bunting around the fireplace, got some flowers, blew up a large balloon designed for helium inflation (the helium dispenser has been shut down, yeah, nice one Mr. Covid) and did my best to imitate a typical Cape Verdian (our intended destination) lunch buffet using produce found in Morrisons. If we’re being honest, I probably deserved 4 out of 10. What should have been an amazing and memorable period in our lives turned into a hard couple of days. Everything just seemed to fall flat.

During this time the lockdown Sunday gigs were going really well. Every week I was amazed and very humbled at the interest, the support, hell, the generosity of people’s time and money. Donations were coming in! On the second gig I’d cheekily asked for people to buy me a virtual drink. They did, loads of them. Glad they were virtual or I’d have a problem! We simply couldn’t believe it. Both being self employed we were experiencing serious financial problems, the donations funded Kirsti’s birthday and other small things that make life easier. By thanking everybody with individual personalised messages I got into conversations and soon realised that the gigs were making a significant difference to people. They were lifting spirits, engendering a sense of normality in an abnormal time. Some people told me that the requests show was the highlight of their week. I literally have goosebumps and a lump in my throat as I type this.

So, we (Kirsti - she’s the ideas person) put two and two together:

Milestone birthdays falling flat


Lockdown requests show making a difference


Private virtual party with friends!

A private watch party where you can book me, choose the entire set from my extensive repertoire, request up to 5 songs that aren’t on my repertoire, invite your friends and family to join your private watch party and interact with each other and me via the comments. You can dance in your living room whilst no one’s watching (there really will be no one watching!). You could even hold a Zoom, WhatsApp or Houseparty at the same time on a separate device so as you can see and speak to each other whilst I perform your favourite songs.

We are convinced that your birthdays, anniversaries, postponed weddings, missed Friday and Saturday nights down the pub with your mates will no longer fall flat. You could even propose whilst I sing your favourite song. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be on one knee on a remote Greek island beach as the sun sets for the foreseeable.

I’m doing a live advert for this at 7.30 this evening via my Facebook page. I’ll be performing some songs too. This really is the ideal affordable gift for your loved ones. I’m convinced we’ll have loads of fun and you’ll be left with some brilliant memories. We’ll even copy the entire gig onto a USB and post it to you as a keepsake.

Wow, that all sounded like an advert, I was only trying to explain the idea!

Anyway, see you all later for the live feed. Have a great day and I’ll be blogging again soon.

Love & Peace, Graeme x