Celebrating a birthday?

Have you had to postpone your wedding?

Don’t know what to do for your anniversary?

Need an idea for father's day (June 21st)?

Thinking of proposing?

Missing your friends?

Stuck in lockdown with your partner? Things getting a bit tense? Show them you love them with this unique show.


So many people have missed milestone birthdays, weddings, anniversaries since lockdown began. We’ve come up with a way to connect you with your friends and families whilst watching a professional live music set. Simply choose your 24 favourite songs from my huge repertoire,  I’ll learn up to 5 new songs should they not be on the list. 


We will then connect you via a private Facebook live watch party. I’ll perform your set whilst you interact with your loved ones. Kirsti (my wife) will read any comments intended for me between songs so as I can react to your requests and banter giving the performance an intimate feel. 


I can dedicate songs to people, telling stories you have shared with me. Themed nights, you name it, I can do it!


A genuinely unique, feel-good way to beat the lockdown blues and celebrate those occasions that would otherwise be missed. 


Making lockdown memories. 


Any excuse for a party...

  • Anniversaries

  • Birthdays

  • Family parties

  • Themed nights - 80s, 90s, romantic etc.

  • Friday / Saturday night good times with friends. Can happen midweek even!

  • Proposals

  • Alleviate lockdown blues

  • Postponed wedding replacement party

  • Ideal for after your family quiz / Zoom / WhatsApp get together

  • Ideal for after the Thursday 8pm clap for the NHS

Package 1

90 minute show

Choose 24 songs from my list

Price - £50

Package 2

90 minute show

Choose 24 songs from my list

I will learn up to 2 new songs

Price - £60

Package 3

90 minute show

Choose 24 songs from my list

I will learn up to 4 new songs

Price £70

Package 4

120 minute show

Choose 30 songs from my list

I will learn up to 5 new songs

Price £95

Please include your email address and phone number when contacting me or just message me or call me on 07877 787763.